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NEW: The fifth Otto Fischer Novel (now available as an e-book; paperback available in November 2017)


September 1948: the first great skirmish of the Cold War has begun. Fearing that Washington and London are planning the establishment of a separate western German state, Stalin orders the Red Army to block all land routes from the west into Berlin, intending to force the withdrawal of the city's Allied Administration. In response, the Americans and British commence a massive airlift to bring vital food and fuel supplies to the besieged population.

As tensions heighten, a bereaved Otto Fischer flies into Berlin but disappears within a few minutes of landing at Tempelhof airfield. Frantically, his old friend Freddie Holleman mobilizes police resources to find him, with disastrous results. Meanwhile, Major Zarubin of Soviet Intelligence is forced to confront a shadowy figure who seems beyond the reach of every agency of state. As their problems converge, a series of seemingly unconnected matters - executions in an eastern Berlin suburb, a host of black market transactions that cross the east-west demarcation line unchallenged and an internal struggle for control of the dreaded Fifth Directorate, precursor to the Stasi - poses a question: who wields power in a new Germany whose form and nature have yet to be determined?








The Proprietor

Au revoir, satire

Jan 11, 2018
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