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New: The sixth Otto Fischer novel


 June 1953: Stalin has been dead for almost three months, and the succession struggle continues.


Meanwhile, East Germany, the Soviet Union's most important frontline client-state, is having a disastrous year. Thousands flee west, mini-purges have alienated everyone but the Party faithful and the economic master plan is going so badly that even good socialists are wondering if the rush to socialism is a mistake. In normal times they could look to Moscow for help and guidance, but all they get are distracted words of caution.

On 17 June, isolated outbreaks of industrial unrest coalesce into a nation-wide outpouring of grievances. Hundreds of thousands of workers strike and march on the seats of power, and as the day goes on, ordinary citizens join them, demanding free elections and an end to one-party rule. Police and the Stasi are too few to take back the streets, and hardly try. The longer the unrest continues, the more likely it becomes that the Red Army will intervene.

On this fateful day, two men come to West Berlin. They share a sense of betrayal and a desperate need to find time and space to effect changes that will impact far more than a single nation. To succeed, they need help – help that doesn’t ask questions or fear to take risks. It asks a hell of lot of a man, that sort of help, and Otto Fischer, clock-repairer of Lichterfelde, wishes very much that they’d looked elsewhere.


Available in e-book and paperback formats

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Apr 6, 2019
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